To perform in the next cypher register your work (SoundCloud, YouTube link) with us for a one time evaluation fee of $3.95 .

  • If we find you to be a Dope Artist you will be selected to perform in The Key Cypher  ( promoted on World Star Hip Hop)
  • If selected and live outside the state of Florida and within the continental U.S., we will provide round trip airfare.
  • ⚠️To register click the button to make the payment fee. After your payment is successful, be sure to click Return To Website in order to send in your link.

Cypher Advertising Slots

10 Second Primary Video Ad: $475

Lower Third Ad: (Pops In During A Performance (15 sec): $100

End of Video Ad (Slot 1): $200

End of Video Ad (Slot 2): $150

Cypher Advertising Slot

Guaranteed Slots/Interviews

If you would like a guaranteed performance or interview slot on an upcoming episode of the KeyCypher simply contact us at